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Charlie Bernhardt: Links

Joe Jencks' website
Visit my buddy Joe Jencks for info on his performances and recordings. If you haven't seen or heard Joe, you are cheating yourself! Joe's new CD "RIse As One," a live album of labor music, will be out soon. I have heard it and it just gave me chills. Don't miss it!
AFM Local 1000
American Federation of Musicians Local 1000 is the North American Traveling Musicians Union. The Local's website includes information for musicians interested in joining their fellow artists in the labor movement. There are also links to websites of many of the best folk musicians around. I am a proud member of Local 1000.
Oseh Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation
Oseh Shalom in Laurel, Md is the synagogue where I serve as cantor. The website includes information about the congregation and our service and program schedule. Come visit us!
Gippot Headcoverings
Corinne Stern makes the greatest kippot (yarmulkes) for women! She can make custom designs, incorporating special features that fit your personality or desires. She made a great kippa for Marilyn based on things my cousin Jo Marcia told her. Check out the kippot at her site. They make great gifts. I'm sure you will be pleased.
Home Page of Anne Feeney
My buddy Anne Feeney is a singer, songwriter, trouble maker and hell raiser. They don't come any more passionate than Anne. Both in live performance and on her recordings, she will stir your soul and get your blood pumping.
The Labor Heritage Foundation
The Labor Heritage Foundation is dedicated to building the labor movement through the use of music and art. Its website includes a directory of labor artists and musicians, an inventory of American labor landmarks, a great group of chants to liven up your picket line, and a catalogue of labor music, books, art and video. The LHF sponsors the Great Labor Arts Exchange each year. (See some pictures in my photo gallery.) Check out the great work that the LHF does.
The Official Lui Collins Website
Lui Collins is a wonderful singer, song writer, poet, guitarist and banjo player. Her songs about life and love will move your soul. I have known Lui for more than 30 years and she is a dear, sweet friend. Please check out her website and listen to her music.