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Charlie Bernhardt: Reviews

This is a CD to be played all year long- lunar and solar. For the Children of Ancestor Abraham and those inheritors of the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, these songs highlight the shared tradition of righteousness, freedom, hope, and the triumph of the human spirit. Bernhardt brings the cantor’s art of spiritual storytelling to Jewish ritual melodies and the songs of all folk. Whether exploring the message of Mount Sinai or Joe Hill, A Bridge Between Two Worlds will bring added texture to your Jewish American identity.
Avi West, Education Officer, Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning of Greater Washington
I love the clarity and warmth of Charlie Bernhardt's voice and felt that a CD was long over due -- well the waiting is over!  Like the title of this marvelous collection of songs, Charlie provides a musical bridge between the secular and the sacred traditions of folk music.  Listening to the songs I was alternately drawn back in time and then gently yet firmly brought back to the present.  “Standing on the shoulders” of folk greats like Phil Ochs and Woody Guthrie, Charlie uses his musical talent to soothe, to provoke, and to uplift.  Sing along with Charlie, you’ll be glad you did.
Elise Bryant, National Labor College and DC Labor Chorus
It is Sousa on the 4th of July and now Cantor Charlie on Labor Day.
Gordon Law, Director, M.P. Catherwood Library, Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations
If you're the age to remember Pete Seeger & labor folk, then you're the age have a son of Bar Mitzvah age. Listen to "A Dad's Bracha" and try to hold back the memories and the tears. My 13 year old son just completed his "tour" and this Bar Mitzvah song is the best of its genre.
Dr. Seth Eaton (Nov 22, 2005)